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Who Needs LLC's?
1. Who Does Need LLC's ?
2. Who Does NOT Need LLC's?

Who Needs Asset Protection LLC's?

The Legal System can make you a target for lawsuits


We live in the most litigious country in the world.

A new lawsuit is filed every 30 seconds.

You have a one in four chance of getting sued next year.

If you are successful and perceived as wealthy, you are a desirable target for a lawsuit.

You are three times more likely to have a legal situation than

to spend a night in a hospital. Most people reading this have health insurance to protect themselves against a medical crisis yet few have structured themselves to protect against an attack on their assets:

homes, vehicles, yachts, planes, real estate, insurance policies, businesses and other investments. Without Asset Protection, you have effectively painted a big red bull’s eye on yourself and your business and made yourself a target for multiple lawsuits. If you generate high income (doctors, lawyers, CPA’s, business owners) or have significant assets (real estate, businesses, investments) and have not structured yourself properly through asset protection, you have a higher probability for attracting law suits.


Litigators accept cases contingent on the probability of winning the case, obtaining a settlement amount and upon the defendant’s ability to pay.  Attorneys assess the defendant’s ability to pay after conducting an asset search using easy to find information, such as the defendant’s name , approximate age (45-60 years old), and geographical location (50 mile radius of Miami).  Even when no assets are found, a professional may be automatically targeted due to their capacity to earn income.


The reality of our legal system is that defendants are named in lawsuits not because of fault, but their ability to pay - Can lawyers collect settlements from your assets?


If your assets are visible and unprotected, you will attract lawsuits.

If your assets are invisible and protected, you will repel lawsuits and attorneys. Attorneys will move on to the next easier target.


Defending yourself against litigation is expensive, time consuming and a hassle.

Loosing a legal battle can cost you, and your family, your entire estate.


How anyone can find out what you own  - ACTION ITEM


Attorneys and Private Investigators subscribe to online services that list real estate, vehicles, planes, and watercraft in your name and it takes about 15 minutes to run a report on the internet.  Other online sources will reveal bank and brokerage accounts. After running a simple report, an attorney will decide whether or not to go after you (or your relatives) or not. The merits of a case are a secondary factor compared to the ability to get paid. The attorney may take the case on his own nickel (contingency) if he locates a target with DEEP POCKETS.


This way you can see what attorneys see about yourself when they are sizing you up for a lawsuit.

Who Does NOT Need LLC's?

You Don't Need Asset Protection!

We  provides free consultation on the subject of asset protection to many people from across the country. As much as we think that asset protection is an important component in the management of one's financial affairs, occasionally we talk to people who just don't need asset protection.  We will tell you why they don't need it.




You don't own any assets!

If you don't own a home, you don't have any rental properties, you drive a ten-year old car, and you don't have any significant amount of money in your bank account or you are living from paycheck to paycheck, then you don't have anything you need to protect. Rather, you need a better job.


You are in the middle of a lawsuit!

If a lawsuit has been filed against you, you need a good lawyer, not asset protection. Once a lawsuit has been initiated, it is too late for you to do anything to protect your assets. Each state has adopted some form of the Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act (UFTA). If you transfer your assets out of your name without receiving fair value in return during a lawsuit, it is considered fraudulent conveyance to impede and hinder the collection of a legal debt. The judge will set aside anything you do and your assets will be available to be seized by your judgment creditors.



All your assets are out of reach!

If all your assets are outside the U.S. and other litigious or totalitarian countries and you are ready and willing to flee the U.S. if you are sued, then you probably don't need asset protection. A U.S court won't be able to take your assets in a civil suit if they are overseas but the court can put you in jail for contempt if you won't produce the assets. If you are willing to flee the country and live overseas for an extended period (like 20 years), then the U.S. court is powerless against you.


You are not at risk of lawsuits!

If you don't practice a profession or own a business, you don't own any real estate, you don't publish, you don't drive much if at all, you are retired and stay home most of the time, you don't own a dog, you don't have a spouse or any children, you don't have a risky hobby, you don't download illegal materials from the Internet, you obey all laws and ordinances, and you have great medical insurance, long term care insurance, car insurance, home insurance and personal liability insurance, then your chance of getting sued or losing assets is next to nil.


You have diplomatic immunity!

 If you are a representative (or a family member of the representative) of a foreign government and you have diplomatic immunity in the U.S., you are exempt from just about all civil and criminal processes. The U.S. legal system cannot take your assets from you in a civil or criminal proceeding.



You are in the middle of a bankruptcy proceeding!

If you are going through bankruptcy, you probably don't have any assets in the first place. Even if you have assets, you still cannot transfer them out of your name. You would be committing fraud if you hid your assets during bankruptcy.


You simply don't care!

If you have more money than you know what to do, you might not care if a part of it is contributed to hungry lawyers and their clients.


For the rest of us, asset protection is an important consideration. We work so hard all our lives to accumulate the wealth that we have and it can be all gone in a flash from a lawsuit. Proper asset protection planning will save you from unexpected financial ruins. When it comes to asset protection, timing is everything. Your asset protection plan must be put in place long before you are in any legal trouble.


To learn more about how to effectively protect your assets call 407-808-2121.

The information contained in this email is intended for general educational purposes only and is not to be construed as legal advice. We cannot and will not render any legal or tax advice of any kind


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 If you are considering protecting your assets, now is the time to complete your due- diligence and get yourself protected.

By taking action now you maximize the effectiveness of your efforts and may even prevent lawsuits from occurring in the first place.


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