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Background Checks
Background Checks


Who comes in contact with your business or family?

Can they hurt your family or business?

Would you like to know in advance of an incident of previous questionable behavior?

Lovers - Are they really who they say they are?

Do a nationwide background check for yourself or loved ones for dates, fiancés, or spouses.

-          Do you want your child to marry or date a criminal?

-          Are you concerned about the validity and background of a future spouse or live in lover?

-          Want to know if someone is telling the truth?

-          Want to find out if a potential room mate has a criminal or drug background?

-          What property do they own? (home, vehicles, watercraft, aircraft) Debt?

-          How many times have they been married and divorced? Former spouses names? Children?

-          What professional licenses (real estate, doctor, mortgage broker, nurse) do they have?

-          What specialty licenses do they have? (pilot, concealed weapon, hunting, fishing)

-          Are they really a registered Republican or Democrat?

-          Who are their relatives and former neighbors?

      -     Court records (sexual offender, bankruptcy, criminal, accidents, divorce, foreclosures, liens, judgments, civil proceedings)?


-          Would you rather not waste time with someone now instead of finding out the real truth later? Maybe when it is too late!


What is the cost of pursuing a relationship with someone who is not who they seem to be?


Protect yourself or your loved ones.

Do a nationwide background check for yourself on potential business partners, investors, employees, contractors, book keepers, accountants, construction workers, nannies for your children, baby sitters, tutors for children, sports (tennis, horseback riding) instructors, scout leaders, care givers for parents, personal assistants, neighbors, social club members,  house keepers, butlers, maids, chauffeurs, guards, grounds keepers, nurses – or anyone who comes in close contact with your business or family.

Knowledge is power, ignorance is expensive.


Have you ever heard anyone say, “If only I had known …….” Well, now you can know!



Background checks are available to anyone. 

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