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Paul Jones
Mr. Jones earned a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Ohio Northern University and a Masters in Business Administration from Embry Riddle University.  He is dedicated to helping clients make intelligent Asset Protection decisions. His patience and determination ensure that every client is treated with high regard.

Mr. Jones has held both Top Secret and Q (Nuclear Weapons) clearances working in the defense industry. Clients that have favored Mr. Jones with their business include GE, NASA, IBM, Sony, Hitachi, Boeing, Lockheed, National Semiconductor, AMD, Texas Instruments, Blue Cross, 3M,  DuPont,  Honeywell, Harris, United Technologies,  and State of Florida.
Mr. Jones has been able to provide legal services and identity theft protection for thousands of individuals and businesses  across the US and Canada and has earned several national awards in recognition for his contributions to the wellbeing of his clients.

Paul Jones is committed to help you identify and reach your Asset Protection and Privacy goals. He will personally study the best solutions the Asset Protection and Privacy industry has to offer and tailor the perfect plan for you.

In his spare time, Paul enjoys ballroom dancing, biking, scuba diving, camping, playing the guitar  and spending time with his children Marie and Joseph. He has traveled all over the world and enjoys going on cruises.

 Mr. Jones  believes that his combined knowledge and experience will achieve remarkable results for all of his clients.

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